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TThe Psychology association “Alchemy” is formed under the department of Psychology. The department is functional since 2017. The psychology association was inaugurated on 26th October 2017 by the then Principal Rev. Fr. Jose Mathew Parayil.

The department strive to make the education more effective and efficient by responding to the needs and goals of its students. It endeavours to inculcate moral and spiritual values in students through the dedicated efforts of the faculty. The process of learning is always a rejuvenating experience for the students because of the combination of curricular and extracurricular activities. The Department of Psychology is an expanse was academics are always celebrated. In order to augment the skills and knowledge of the students, the department organize quizzes, exhibitions, and various other competitions. The Self Development Programmes organized by the department every week fosters the overall development of the students by boosting certain values such as self- confidence, leadership skills, and interpersonal communication.

The department never get exhausted in conducting seminars and workshops to ensure that the knowledge of the students are always expanded and updated. The teachers of the department are not only committed to enhance the academic skills but also encourage and try to bring out the creativity in each student. The Department has a functional counselling wing that provides help to those who are in need of mental support during the pandemic. The department also offers certificate courses on learning disability, emotional intelligence and personality development that add on to the knowledge of students. The students are also provided with field visits to different hospitals, old age homes and orphanages. Concisely saying the department focus on the harmonious development of its students.