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About Us

The department of history was established in the year 2017. It is our earnest desire and deep commitment to providing the best education to our students. The department of history envisions promoting quality education and research through interdisciplinary understanding, state-of-the-art learning, and the use of emerging knowledge for developing world-class human resources capable of mastering the global challenges of the future. The department seeks to create preserve and disseminate knowledge to build competitive capability for the holistic development of man and society. Hence, in history, we study change and continuity in society, economy, culture, and polity.

Teaching & learning at the department is focused on the proper blending of ‘excellence’ and ‘relevance’. We provide a balanced approach focused on both historical and archaeological perspectives. It looks forward to a future of intellectual exchange at home and abroad, and to promote a better understanding of human experience through the lens of history. The Department of History is the hub of several academic and co-curricular activities. The department has organized numerous prestigious academic activities and exhibitions.

The department’s mission is to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the human experience by a comparative study of past and contemporary societies and cultures and to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze and assess evidence, and articulate sound conclusions both orally and in writing. Transform the students into citizens who are critically informed about the past and its consequences for the present. The knowledge about the interconnections between global national, regional, and local history will equip the students to face the challenges with confidence. To fulfill our mission, at all levels of our curriculum we emphasize discussion and engagement with both primary sources and the interpretations of varied scholars.