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About Us

The Under Graduate Department of Physics was started in the year 2011. The number of seats sanctioned for the department is 48 and the current strength of students is 36. This programme envisages the provision of a firm foundation in every aspect of Physics and to explain a broad spectrum of modern trends in physics and to develop experimental, computational and mathematical skills of students. It also instils the ability to obtain solutions by the use of quantitative and qualitative reasoning and by experimental investigation. This programme aims to build a foundation for excellence, encourage and promote enthusiastic scholars and inculcate passion in the study of Physics. Our mission is to discover talents in theory and practical Physics through teaching in innovative ways. Department offered B.Sc Physics along with complimentary papers of mathematics and computer science in the beginning. But later on computer science was replaced by chemistry as complimentary paper. Along with that offers open course on Non- conventional energy sources and an elective paper of material science since august 2011.