Vision & Mission

Culture and Fraternity through Education….

To develop the college as a unique institution recognized globally for its educational excellence and innovation, focusing on the updation of knowledge and Skills through strong international initiatives and association.

To transform the lives of the young, thus helping to transform the future generation and enhance a wide life-vision, leading to the concept of universal brotherhood.
• To offer effective teaching-learning to students by creating an environment by encouraging the students and faculty to nurture their intellectual curiosity.
• To have regional consideration with regard to local needs, relevance, strength, limitations and the community services.
• To focus on the enrichment of culture, character, personality development and cultivation of noble ideals.
• To make them efficient in their communicative skill, thinking ability and understanding capacity, so that they will be recognized globally as well as become socially responsible.
• To attain the best of the mental, physical, and intellectual personality of students, to make them future-ready and bold citizens.
• To have a fraternal approach to the fellow beings.
• To ensure a strong bond between teacher and student.
• To improve their leadership qualities and create self-confidence.
• To ensure attention and care to weaker students.
• To bring up the learned generation to believe in God – to adhere the principles, values and morals.
• To Cultivate and emphasize the importance of our culture through education.
• Build Open and honest relationships through effective Communication.
• Pursue growth and learning.
• Be passionate and determined.
• Nurture the love of nature.
• Respect the values of all religion.
• Focus to the best.
• Ensure ethics and dignity in life.
• Be Compassionate and do Justice.

St. Mary’s college
Puthanangadi PO Angadippuram
Via Malappuram Dist Kerala – 679321