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About Us

Department of Mathematics is one of the active departments in St Mary’s College, Puthanangadi. It was started in 2011. The department offers a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics with Physics and Statistics as complementary.At present there are approximately 70 Under Graduate and Five Faculty Members in the department. The faculty members of our department are dedicated and determined.

Excellence in mathematical education and ensuring the overall development of the student

To Ensure and promote quality leadership in students

To encourage innovative practice in higher education

To organize training and workshop for related subjects

Motivation is the key of our department

Brilliant students are given scope and average students are encouraged.

Mathematics Department is a versatile department. It not only trains the students with mathematics as optional subject but also redeem its service to other departments

Mathematics Association MATHLETE organizes and conducts various programs for overall development of the students. Students of mathematics show their excellence in academic as well as non- academic level.Good number of students scores distinction every year.

Department encourages Peer - Teaching, Tutoring and Self- Learning. Parents – Teachers meetings are held frequently to evaluate and improve the performance of students. Department organizes Seminars and Webinars by experts on Career Guidance and relevant topics related to Mathematics. We ensure that all the students of mathematics department is entrusted to our care inculcated with high moral, spiritual and ethical values.

Young minds, with ridiculously passionate in Mathematics can join with us.