Malayalavedhi (മലയാളവേദി)

St Mary’s college of Puthanangadi is a towering Saraswathi Temple that illuminated lights in the life of many. The institution was established by C.F.I.C Monastery in 1996.Since then many students have graduated from the college in various disciplines.From the very beginning many diverse programs are being conducted with the aim of overall growth of every student who comes here as a learner.Malayalavedhi is one of the notable programs in the category and it is operated independently with the amalgamation of teachers and students of various departments.Exhibition of traditional art forms will help to generate the value and significance of traditional culture of our native land; the historical and cultural implications of the traditional artistic performances sustain the cultural spirit in the modern generation.The program was formally inaugurated on August 12,1997 by the late Dr. Sukumar Azhikode with ‘the motto of Awakening’;awakening with the aim of cultivating love of Malayalam language and nurturing the natural artistic tastes among students.

CFIC Provincial Superior Father James,College Principal Father Joseph Parayil ,Angadipuram Panchayat President and many dignitaries were present on the occasion.During the inaugural speech Dr Sukumar Azhikode emphasized the importance of love towards mother tongue.All possible assistance was offered by the Provincial Superior for the overall development of Malayalavedhi.For the last 24 years, Malayalavedhi has been implementing its activities in a way that makes his words synonymous even today.The Panchayat President mentioned in his congratulatory address that Malayalavedhi was formed by a group of native language lovers that could not be evidenced in other colleges in Malappuram district. College Principal ,Father Jose Parayil congratulated Sri. Manoj Veetuvelikkunnu, Asst. Prof. Of Malayalam for his concept and vision of Malayalavedhi.The inagural function was concluded by the speech of Abhilash M K,student representative of Malayalavedhi and vote of thanks was delivered by Nebu Antony.

At the beginning of the new academic year,student representatives were selected from all classes and a 12-member executive committee was formed.In addition ,one of the students was elected chairman to oversee its activities.Abhinayakalari(Drama school) is organized under the leadership of this organizing committee. Dr Rajesh disciple of famous playwright, KPS Payyenedathu, held the helm of Abhinayakalari.About 60 students took part in it with the aim of nurturing their acting skills. As a result so many plays were staged in the college and in addition to that manuscript magazines were published.Later Malayalavedhi gradually grew in to a community of alumni.It was also decided to celebrate the anniversary extensively every year.Malayalavedhi anniversary is celebrated along with college arts festival and its a matter of great pride that Malayalavedhi has been able to bring famous art,culture and literature heroes to campus every year. Dignitaries like Sara Joseph,Fabi Basheer,Vaishaken,P Surendran, Manavoor Rajen Babu, Sumangala, Angandiyoor Chandrasekharan, P R Nathan, T D Ramakrishnan, Alankode Leelakrishnan, M N Karassery, Vinod Kovoor, V M Kutty, Kuripuzha Sreekumar and V T Murali graced the anniversary celebration.Along with them local political,social and religious leaders also took part in the anniversary celebration.Introducing the works of famous writers,discussions based on the best novels,poetry writing and many other events are being organized on the campus under the leadership of Malayalamvedhi.Campus newspaper titled as “Malayala Deepam” is released on anniversary day.It also aims to introduce the unique art forms of Kerala to next generation.As a part of this ,various art forms such as Theyyam, Chakyarkoothu, Nangyarkoothu ,Ottanthullal, Kathakali,Nadanpattu and Kalaripayattu were performed on anniversary celebrations.

With the intention of introducing musical instruments students visited the famous Percussionist Neralath Ashramam(Memorial of Neralath Ramapothuvaal) under the initiative of Malayalavedhi.It is worth mentioning that Malayalavedhi has been instrumental in familiarizing Sopana sangeetham of Neralath Harigovindan to the campus.


Nritya Sangam( Dance Troupe)

The campus dance troupe was formed in 2005 under the auspices of Malayalalamvedhi.The dance troupe got tremendous chances for exhibiting their artistic excellence during college arts festival and other festive celebrations in the college.Dance fusion round is held every year during anniversary celebrations,combining dance forms that emphasize the concept of ‘unity in diversity’.The traditional classical dance performance such as Mohiniyattam,Barathanatyam and Kuchipudi were performed during the visit of foreign delegates caught the attention of all and also the inaugural function of Monti International Institute of Management was graced by their performance.The group dance by Malayalavedhi nritya sangam on the occasion of Sangamolsavam,event at Kottayam for the institutions under CIFC Monastery, was unique and breathtaking experience for the audience.The members of the dance troupe were able to achieve various awards , recognition in University C Zone and Inter Zone arts festivals.


Malayalamadhuri(Musical troupe)

Nurturing musical abilities ,a musical troupe in the name of Malayalamadhuri orchestra was formed in 2005 under the leadership of Father Saju Thekkanam,Asst. Professor and member of CFIC Monastery. Every year ,during anniversary celebrations a special musical feast is being conducted by Malayalamadhuri orchestra.During the festivals like Onam,Eid - Ul -Fitar,Christmas ,songs conveying the message of festival were sung by musical troupe attracted the attention of many.The members of Malayalamadhuri musical troupe have been able to achieve awards and recognition in University C Zone and Inter Zone musical competitions( Mr Vimal Vinu ,B com student,was able to secure first prize in Light Music and Classical Music).Activities related to the mother tongue are celebrated in the college on the occasion of International Mother Language Day under the initiative of Malayalamvedhi.


Malayalavedhi is continuing its successful journey through various literary programs with the support of poetry club, story club,drama club and literary club.The Mega Thiruvathira(traditional group dance) conducted by Malayalavedhi on the occasion of Onam found space in socio - cultural domains of Valluvanad.

Malayalavedhi is able to achieve the maximum goals as envisagedduring the inception with the wholehearted support and commitment of management ,teachers and students.Malayalavedhi is succeeded in transmitting the cultural values in its essence to the future generation.Appreciation, exploration and analysis of traditional artistic forms encourage thoughtful conversation about its cultural connotation and origin .Malayalavedhi is continuing its operations in the campus with added vigour and beauty under the leadership of Malayalam Department