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The English literary association of St. Mary’s college was formed to nourish and sharpen the diverse skills among students. It is extremely vibrant with a series of activities during every academic year. The various programs conducted by the association bestows imaginative skills in the students which are as important as the academic values imparted by the syllabus.

Association Inauguration

The official inauguration of the English Association was held on11/12/2019 in college auditorium. The programme titled “Amoretto” was inaugurated by Dr. KM Shareef, Head of the Department of English University of Calicut. The function, presided over by Rev. Fr. Denny Cholappillil, college principal, was made a success by the active presence of all the students and teachers. The inaugurator also gave a speech on the topic “Basic English Communication ” which was an enlightenment for the fellow students. After the official function, the students staged “AGAPE : A Glance at The Periods of English Literature”, which was a performance of the major incidents and literary works in the history of English literature. The programme was a new initiative of the department with the participation of 20 students and was directed by Ms. Elizabeth James and Ms. Soubhagya Suresh. “Return to nature” was set as the motto of the association for this year and the programme was noted for not using a single plastic material both on the day and the days preceding. The invitation was made out of banana leaves, stage was decorated using organic products and clay potteries were used to serve food and water.