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The economic association Economica organized a trade fest in St. Mary's college. It was inaugurated by college principal Rev. father BinuPeediyekkal on July 26th. All the departments of St. Mary's college enthusiastically participated in the programme. . The winning team was Sharanya and Afsira of first-semester economics. It displayed the entrepreneurial as well as marketing skills of students.

2.Collage Competition

International Old age day was commemorated on October 1. The day was celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of senior citizens in our society and to appreciate their contributions. The department of economics has considered this to be an opportunity to celebrate senior citizenship who play a vital role in the transfer of knowledge and culture to the next generation. The students and teachers of the Department of Economics have been visiting old age homes such as ‘Abhayam’( koppam), ‘Saketham’( Angadippuram), ‘Shalom's( Manjeri) for the past few years on this day. Children distributed one-day meals as well as clothes to the destitute people. A college competition arranged to raise awareness, the department has conducted a collage making programme. Two students from each classes participated in the programme. All the collages were displayed in the campus.

3. Seminar

Economica organized a seminar on the topic 'Implementation of GST in Kerala economy. The central government introduced GST on the first of July 2017. Economics students needed to have a discussion and a clear understanding of the matter. Considering the relevance of the topic department of Economics was determined to conduct a seminar in august 2017. ' by Mushtaq Ali (sales tax practitioner from Manjery lead the seminar and around 70 students participated in the seminar.

4. Debate on 'Demonetization'

he economic association successfully conducted a debate on demonetization. Inaugurated by HOD of the economics department.14 groups have participated in which Joseph and Niyas placed first.

1 Quiz competition

Department of Economics organized an intercollegiate quiz competition titled JOGO BONITO on August 12 inaugurated by the Association secretary Muhammed Musthafa. Out of the four colleges that participated, St. Mary's college secured first place.


Eovantage was a one-day programme on 25 October to celebrate Economics. A quiz competition was conducted as part of this programme and 22 students have participated. Muhammed Assarudheen from the department of History has won the first prize. Along with that department has organized a Paper presentation and four pupils from various departments presented papers. Arun Dominic from IV sem BCA was declared as the winner. A Debate on Cryptocurrency was another highlight of the programmes. Out of the 12 students who participated, Muhammed Musthafa from the Department of Economics won first place. 14 teams participated in the trade fest and it was a huge success.

3. Seminar

A seminar was conducted on "The importance of Agriculture in India" by R Chithra from Agriculture Research Center Pattambi on January 16. 80 Students participated

1. Seminar

A seminar was organised by the department on "The relevance of Economics" by the resource person Dr. Raseena, Assistant Professor at SNGS college, Pattambi on October 8. 84students participated

2.Industrial visit

One of the notable programmes conducted by the department was an industrial visit to UralungalSargalaya a village of handicrafts on December 3. 45 students accompanied by four teachers visited the village to have a better understanding of the local economy.

By considering the importance of research in the higher study of our students, the department conducted a research orientation class, by Ayana k, Assistant Professor of Economics from Mankada government college on January 10. 80 students participated. A workshop for teachers on Research methodology was also organised on 10 January. 4 teachers have participated.

One of the notable programmes conducted by the department was an industrial visit to UralungalSargalaya a village of handicrafts on December 3. 45 students accompanied by four teachers visited the village to have a better understanding of the local economy.


A debate on Union budget 2020 was arranged on July 20. 20 teams have participated. Sumithra and Muhammed Musthafa procured first.


As part of providing carrier guidance and counseling, orientation in carrier options in Economics was coordinated by NoushadChengodan Assistant prof. Department of economics from PSMO college Thiroorangadi on September 26.95 students have participated.


In the era of the pandemic, the department was greatly involved in productive discussions on the nation’s economy. A webinar on 'Impact of lockdown on Kerala economy' was scheduled for June 4. Noufal, an Assistant professor from Ambedkar college Balusseri was the resource person. 80 students have participated.

2.Essay competition

An essay competition was arranged on September 27 on the topic 'My destination’ as part of observing World tourism day. 8 students participated. Archana from the III semester secured first place.


A webinar on exploring new vistas of a career in Economics was arranged for final year students on 16/11/2020. The resource person for the programme was Mr. Rajeesh p. 80 students participated