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Ethical Hacking Workshop

one-day workshop on Ethical Hacking, Handled by Mr. Haris Khan P, Network Engineer and Ethical Hacker was arranged by the Department. The workshop provided an in-depth understanding of data security and vulnerability. He demonstrated how to penetrate the computers without knowing the users of the system. The workshop was an amazing experience for the students.

Workshop on Python and Data Science

The seminar was jointly organized by Technocracy, IQAC, and Xanthrone-solutions, The seminar was mainly focused on the new trends in data science and full-stack development. Ms. Saleena, who's researching on AI and Data Science presented her thoughts on data science and AI, and also motivated the students for doing research works. Mr. Abdul Hadi M, Chief technical officer at Xanthron, presented about the role and importance of Full stack developers. He also offered some tips to the students regarding selection of the right tool and language to start with their programming career

The Department has conducted a Workshop on11september on the effective and efficient ways of doing Academic project stressing the latest trending technologies. The session was lead by Mr. PrasobhRajan( Technical Head) and Mr. Hussain Manalodi ( Project Manager, Android) The resource persons elaborated on the importance of the Academic Project, the selection of topics and technologies, and the role of the academic project in professional endeavors. The topics discussed in the workshop included ‘Python language introduction’, ‘Web development’, ‘Limitations and functionalities of HTML’ and ‘Project development demo’

BCA Association has organized a Workshop “Beyond the four walls of the classroom” Coordinated by Mr. Muhammed Ramees, Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional), He inspired the students to get out the four walls of the classroom and earn some extra skills that would equip them to compete in the IT industry. he also shared his own story, and how he achieved the most valuable person award from Microsoft