Women's Cell

The Women’s cell in our college play an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women students/faculties. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate and share their views. They actively promote gender equality.

Our Vision

Shaping and Enlightening the young minds and show way to grow into balanced and better human beings

Our Mission

To explore, design and implement ways to bring change in the society by empowering Women

The Main Objectives of our Women Cell is To

  1. Create awareness about important issues related to women
  2. Empower young women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases throughout their life
  3. Enhance self esteem of young women and empower them to take important decisions.
  4. Ensure personality along with academic development of students

Every year the cell organizes programs such as Career guidance class, Personal guidance classes, Legal Awareness classes on specific issues concerning women, conducting Health Awareness classes etc. to uplift women.

Women Cell in our college endeavors that every student particularly girl students live with right attitude and act accordingly inside and outside. We invite every student to associate with the Women Cell and participate in all the programs conducted by Women Cell. We also tell them to share their concerns about any issues affecting them inside or outside college premises with any member of the Women Cell. All the faculty members of the Women cell are very supportive and participate in every program conducted by Women Cell whole heartedly. We repeat that Women Cell is at the service of every students of our college.


Women welfare committee aims at empowering and orienting women to recognize their true potential and to help them attain their own stand in the competing world. They aims at the overall development in all spheres of their life. The functions of the cell are to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members of women and also to provide a platform for listening to complaints. The cell also tries to incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college. It tries to equip them with the knowledge of their legal rights and redressal of their grievances. To facilitate speedy delivery of justice, meetings are organized regularly. The women cell process oral and written complaints.

  1. Toprovideaplatformforlisteningtocomplaintsandredressalofgrievances.
  2. To resolve issues pertaining to girl's/women's sexual harassment.
  3. To equip the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
  4. To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members
  5. To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure ahealthy atmosphere in and around the college.
  6. To ensure personality along with academic development of students.

Applicable to girls, lady staff members of ST Mary's College, Puthanangadi, Angadipuram (P. O), Malayalam.

  1. Students report their grievance to the class in charge teachers and they inturn inform this to the respective women cell teacher in charge from their department.
  2. The member teacher who feels that the student has been harassed or having any serious complains,then she will approach the women cell convinor.
  3. The women cell convinor arrange a meeting to solve the related issues with the principal along with the teacher in charge from various departments.
  4. Finally they take necessary actions to solve the issues by getting consent from principal and various departmental HOD's
  5. The cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit.

Any students found to have harassed another students will be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions including reprimands, suspension or termination from the college.

  1. After knowing grievance of girl students, class in charge teachers discusses it with the HOD and then inform the respectivewomencellteacherinchargefromtheirdepartment.
  2. Thememberteacherwhofeelsthatthestudenthas seriouscomplains,thenshewillapproachthewomencellconvinor.
  3. Thewomencellconvinorarrangeameetingtosolvetherelatedissueswiththeprincipalalongwiththeteacherinchargefromvariousdepartments.
  4. The complainant shall be summoned to hear complaints (if necessary).
  5. After hearing of complaints, the committee shall take appropriate decision.

1) In collaboration with PerinthalmannaAyurcare, awareness class was given for the fame students on ‘Personal Hygiene’ on 22/07/2016. The need for maintaining the body neat and clean was the main idea shared in the class.
2) In a time where cybercrimes are increasing drastically and posing a threat even to the lives of children, a class on cybercrimes was given to the students. The class led by Aneesh Chacko (Dept of Police) was on 28/072016. Being an eminent person in the field he was able to make the children aware of the need of taking preventive measures to stop such crimes.
3) A session was held by Mr Paulose (ASI, Manjeri traffic police) on ‘Road Safety’ on 23/08/2016. Since most of the students of our college use motor vehicle either two wheelers or four wheelers the class was highly necessary and it was informative too.
4) The day acknowledged by the entire world, devoted only for the women, International Women’s Day is always celebrated with much excitement. Both students and teachers do their best to accomplish the goal of the day, “Planet 50-50 by 2030 step it up for gender equality”. On 08/03/2017 a platform was exclusively set for girl students to perform their talents. Police Department in association with Social Justice Department of Kerala channeled a session on ‘Women Empowerment’, which was led by MsHemalatha (CDPO).

1) The first programme for this year by women cell was conducted on 28/07/2018. It was a self-defense training session piloted by the Police Department of Kerala. Ms Valsala and Ms Sinimol from MSP Malappuram headed the programme. They shared some basic tricks and tactics with the girls of our college to make them capable to face an emergency situation.
2) A legal awareness class was set for the students on 19/09/2018. The session led by Adv. Shaney Nandakumar enlightened the students by sharing the basic ideas of Indian judicial system. It was highly informative as well as highly required one for the students.
3) To make the students aware of their personal hygiene, a health awareness classs was given for the students. On 29/11/2018, Dr Shahida from Perinthalmanna Alshifa Hospital led the session. The focus was on breast cancer and other serious gynec diseases.
4) International Women’s day was passionately celebrated on March 8 2019. Emerging artist and writer Ms Lijisha shared her experiences with the students. The eldest female staffs of the college were honoured. Reminding the theme for the day “time is now: rural and urban activists transform women’s lives” the teachers and the students exploited the platform which was exclusively set for them.

1) On 14/06/2019 awareness class was conducted by the teachers of WDC for the first year students on ‘Personal Hygiene’.
2) Mehendi Fest was channeled by WDC of our college on 08/08/2019 as a part of Ramadan celebrations. 28 teams were participated in it. Ms Reshma and MS Juleena of St. Joseph’s School Puthanangadi judged the event. Harsha and Sumithra of 5th Economics and FidaSherin and fathimaShahana of 5th Economics bagged first and seconf positions respectively.
3) With the help of Kerala Kaumudi newspaper WDC initiated a seminar on women safety on 29/08/2019 for first year students. Nilambur Ayisha, cine artist and social activist was the chief guest of the programme. The class was led by senior psychologist MsSameena Shibu. Kerala Kaumudi unit chief K.N Suresh Kumar and Women Cell CI in charge EliyammaT.vhonoured the programme with their presence.
4) First time ever in the history of St Mry’s college, a sports meet was piloted exclusively for the girl students of the college. Adventure games, cricket, tug of war were the events of the meet. Girls who were grouped into four houses enthusiastically participated in the events and made this new venture a great success. Surya Sankar of 5th semester English became the player of the match. Blue house and White house bagged the first and second prize respectively in tug of war. White and Blue houses were the winners in adventure games. Rose house became the champions of cricket.
5) An entire day was dedicated for the girls of the college to perform their skills in culinary arts and crafts. The programme on February 14 was inaugurated by college Principal Rev. Fr Denny Cholappillil and was successfully accomplished by the active participation of 15 teams in food fest and 4 teams in crafts fest. Students were given a chance to sell the items made by them.

1. Bienvenue- Introducing Women Cell
On 02/12/2020 , a webinar was organized and conducted by the faculty members of WDC on the topic - Bienvenue- Introducing Women Cell for first year UG and PG students. The main moto of that program was to introduce WDC to students , the need of WDC in every colleges and the functioning of WDC in St Mary’s College. The Platform of Webinar was zoom meet and there were 310 participants including students and teachers.
2. The Magic of Ayurveda - A talk on Ayurvedic Home remedies
WDC organized a 2 day Webinar on “The Magic of Ayurveda “. The topic was A Talk on Ayurvedic home remedies. The resource person was DR. Akila Devi , who is an Ayuvedic doctor practicing in Shanthi Herbals and Chandhu Memorial Vaidhyasala. We divided the total girls in our college in to two groups and conducted the webinar for first group on 04/12/2020 and for the second group on 05/12/2020. The webinar was very effective because Dr Akila devi prescribed ayurvedic remedies for all the basic problems related to girls..
3. Competition - Christmas Celebration
As a part of entertainment , WDC organized a competition related to Christmas celebration . List of competitions included,
Solo Carol Song,
Bottle Art,
Cake Designing,
Brochure Desiging,
This was a great opportunity for all students to show their individual talent. Certificates were awarded for those students who got first place II. Other observations if any; The Women Cell in St Mary’s college has planned to make an Ayurvedic garden in the college campus using terrace cultivation of Medicinal and Herbal plants. A subcommittee of women development cell comprising 12 teachers and 30 students has been formed.
On International Women’s day – 8th march 2020 , our WDC is going to conduct a program organized by AMAI PERINTHALMANNA AREA VANITHA COMMITTEE about INSPIRING FUTURE: Accomplishment and Challenges of women. The program will include Awareness classes, Quiz competitions , Debate and much more.
List of Resource Persons
1. Dr. Aswathy Subin BAMS MS Chair person
Vilwa Ayurveda chikithsalayam Angadipuram ( TOPIC : COMMON SYMPTOMES WIRED TO HORMONES? )
2. Dr. Rosni .K BAMS MS Convenor
3. Dr . Sreelekha Sangeeth . G BAMS Ayusree wellness Center , Kolathur
(TOPIC : PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS ON WOMEN) QUIZ Dr. Sajna Navas BAMS , M.Sc (PSY) District vice chairperson Kairali ayurveda Perinthalmanna
DEBATE Debate Organisers
1. Dr Saniyya BAMS Medical officer Ayush PHC , Panangangara
2. Dr . Ummu Aimen BAMS Vice Chairman Figolive India Ayurvedics Manathumangalam, Perinthalmanna
Programs conducted in 2020 – 2021
• Women Cell faculty members organized a program on “A talk on Women Cell” for first year students. The key objective of this program was to give an introduction about Women Cell and Its importance in college and the facilities in college for girls.
• Two days Webinar was organized on the topic “Magic of Ayurveda”, a talk on Ayurvedic home remedies by Dr. Akila Devi.
• An online competition was conducted for all students of our college regarding Christmas. Solo carol song, Bottle Art, Cake Designing and Decorating , Brochure Designing, Photography and Event Management where the competitions.
Future plans of Women Cell:
• Online cultural events for girls.
• Soft Skill Development programs such as Stitching , Glass painting, Pot Designing, Jewelry Making etc
• Sports Tournament for girls.
• A Marketing Expo of hand made products done by students.
• Arranging driving classes for girl in coordination with a driving school.
The Cell has planned the to make a Ayurvedic garden in college campus using terrace cultivation which contains medicinal and herbal plants. A subcommittee of women development cell comprising 12 teachers and 30 student have been formed to initiate the project. On march 8th , Womens day 4 ayurvedic docters from perinthalmanna will conduct a program on ……………….and introduce the aims and objective of the project mentioned above

St. Mary’s college
Puthanangadi PO Angadippuram
Via Malappuram Dist Kerala – 679321