Our Patron

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, the founder of the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception (C.F.I.C), the Patron saint of St Mary's College Puthanangadi, was born at Bovisio, on 24th July, 1825 to the pious parents Angel and Teresa Monti. He was ardent to grow in the faith inherited from parents. When he was 12 Years old his father died and he became the full responsible of his family. Attracted by his zeal, industriousness and spiritual life, numerous friends joined him in prayer and other charitable activities. Eventually the group was called by the people, the company of Friars. Luigi was the animator and guide of this group. Blessed Luigi Monti died on October 1st, 1900, in a state of sanctity and surrounded by the religious brothers and the many orphans for whom he had become a caring and loving father. His vocation of caring for the sick and educating the youth continues to be the charism of the Congregation, leading the brothers to various countries and continents, bringing to all the healing love of Jesus. In a spirit of selflessness and Christian dedication, all members of the Congregation, brothers, priests, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, lab technicians and nurses, are encouraged to continue their spiritual and professional development in order to carry out their duties with full commitment and competence. Their missionary zeal has led them to various parts of the world, offering spiritual and material assistance as a sign of hope to those in need.

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