About Luigi Bhavan

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti, founder of Sons of Immaculate Conception, influenced Italy socially and culturally in the 19th century. As a person with unusual powers of foresight, he founded the congregation (CFIC) in Rome, capital of Italy, in 1857 as it’s prime aim is to provide education to youth. Based on the vision of the great soul, today CFIC has spread across 20 countries over 4 continents with number of educational institutions and charities. In 1973 CFIC extended its activities to India by starting a monastery named Sons of Immaculate Conception in Kottayam as it’s headquarters. In 1990 CFIC laid foundation for Luigi Bhavan in Puthanangadi, Malappuram district, under Pariyapuram parish of Thamarasseri diocese. In a period when society was stumbling with less number of higher educational institutions, Luigi Bhavan set about a number of institutions including St.Marys college, St. Joseph’s School and Monti Institute of International Studies with a purport to offer idealistic and superior educational values.

Luigi Bhavan is situated in the Diocese of Thamarassery, at Puthanangady in Malappuram District in Kerala. It was founded with the aim of giving education to the youth and caring of the physically and mentally handicapped. The community was opened by Rev. Fr. Aurelio Mozzetta, the Superior General of C.F.I.C and blessed by Bishop Nicola De Angelis, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto on 15th January 1995. It is a matter of joy to say that it could achieve a lot in the realization of its objectives. St. Mary’s College, St. Joseph’s school, Monti International Institute of Management is the fields of apostolic activities that come under Luigi Bhavan through which C.F.I.C marks its presence at Puthanangady.

The cultural and social influence of Bl. Luigi Maria Monti, the founder of CFIC was remarkable in Italy during 19th century. As a person with unusual powers of foresight and vision he founded so many educational Institutions in various parts of Italy. Following his vision and mission, his followers started branches of CFIC in different parts of the world. In india it started its first branch in Kottayam. CFIC India has extended its mission of education to different parts of India. In India it has extensions in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnadaka, Andrapredesh, Orisa where it runs various Institutions like schools, colleges, nursing colleges, orphanages, handicaped centres, old age homes etc. LuigiBhavan is one of its educational complex where we have three Institutions such as St.Marys college, Monti Ineternational Institute of management studies and St. Joseph English medium school. Luigi Bhavan campus which situates at puthanangadi, perinthalmanna in Malappuram district, started in the year 1990 under Mariapuram parish in the jurisdiction of Thamarassery Dioces In a period when the people of Malappuram was in need of quality educational Institutions, CFIC India started Luigi Bhavanwith its multiple educational Institutions setting the objectives of imparting quality and value education to the youth of the area.

St. Mary’s college
Puthanangadi PO Angadippuram
Via Malappuram Dist Kerala – 679321