In total there are 452 books and 4 journals (ESONANCE , Earth System Science, Current Science & Astronomy and Astrophysics)belonging to the Department of Physics The department also possess a Book Bank containing 50 books from Calicut University Publications and Manjusha Publications.


We have a well equipped Physics lab to provide an experimantal foundation for the theoretical concepts included in the syllabus. This helps the students to become researchers or knowledge providers in the field of Physics and contribute to the growing needs of the society. Students are guided with basic and advanced knowledge of general experimental techniques in the area of Physics. The laboratories of the Physics department includes General laboratory, Dark room and Electronics laboratory.

General Laboratory

In general laboratoty we have facility to do various mechanical experiments such as Young's modulus of the material, Torsion pendulum, Fly wheel, compound pendulum, Static torsion, viscosity of liquid, Lee's disc, surface tension of liquid, etc.This laboratory is common for both core and complementary students.

Dark Room

This facility is used to do various Optics related experiments such as spectrometer, Newton's ring, Air wedge, laser, optical fibre, polarimeter, liquid lens, etc.

Electronics Laboratory

Electronics laboratory provides facilities for the students to deal with electronics components such as integrated circuit, transistors, diodes and electronic devices such as cathode ray oscilloscope, function generators etc. Two computers are also provided for Python programming of practical paper-III

Lab assistant : Ms. Suma Raphel

St. Mary’s college
Puthanangadi PO Angadippuram
Via Malappuram Dist Kerala – 679321